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Florida v. Jimeno

Florida v. Jimeno In this case a Florida officer overheard what appeared to be a drug deal. He then proceeded to follow the suspect’s car on the suspicion. He then pulled over Jimeno's car to act on the suspicion. He then made Jimeno aware that he was suspected of having narcotics in the car. The officer then requested permission to search the vehicle, Jimeno consented to the search. During the search the officer found a paper bag on the floor that contained cocaine. He was then arrested and charged with the possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute in violation of the Florida law. The state trial court granted his motion to suppress the cocaine on the ground. He claimed his consent to search did not give the officer consent to search the paper bag and examine its content. The Supreme Court of Florida concluded that the search was in no way a violation of the fourth amendment as the suspect had claimed. The officer was correct in his actions to search the bag. The court ruled the amendment is satisfied with the search procedures due to the circumstances leading up to the search. This conclusion was decided because Jimeno did not limit the officer’s search and was aware the officer would be looking for narcotics this expanded the officer’s right to search due to lack of limitation. Also because it is commonly known that narcotics and other drugs are carried in containers. They came to the determination that there is no basis to add to the fourth amendments "basic test of objective reasonableness", this addition would have officers to request permission to search separate containers. I think the court was justified in their actions. The officer was well within the boundaries of the fourth amendment and in no way was unreasonable in his search of the car or any of its contents. Jimeno was just trying to find a way out of a crime he had committed by tossing out petty accusations at the officer. All he achieved in the end was a longer trail and the same sentence. He also provides an annoyance to the officer and prosecution. If you are going to bring up accusations you better know what you are talking about and be shure you do or else it will be a complete waste of time and effort on your part.